ArAm introduces elegance in an artistic and contemporary Manner. As Arwa looks at fashion through an artist eye ,she enjoys playing with colors and silhouette as she does with her canvas, sculptors and artwork.

For this collection “Shades of the lagoon”  the designer got inspired by the fabulous wonders of nature of tropical life. The designs are featured by their special colors and fabrics combinations. The art figures shown in the collection including birds, flowers , leaves , iguanas and others were hand drown by the designer and different techniques were used to transform into warble art including silk and beads embroidery , laser cuts , and a new method of drawing with fabrics.


Humming Bird-Shades of the Lagoon

Two Parrots - Shades of the Lagoon

Hammock-Shades of the Lagoon

Sugar Cane - Shades of the Lagoon

Golden Philodendron- Shades of the Lagoon

Leaf and Iguana-Shades of the Lagoon

Flying Fish-Shades of the Lagoon

Mojito- Shades of the Lagoon

Four Leaves-Shades of the lagoon

Pearl_s Sand-Shades of the Lagoon

Palm-Shades of the lagoon