Miss Arwa Ammari

Arwa Alammari is a Fashion Consultant, the Founder and Creative Director of the Saudi award winning brand ArAm, a prêt-à-porte high-end women brand. Arwa also became the winner of Fashion Star Arabia Award against 11 other Arab designers in 2016 and the winner of Italian Grazia Magazine Style Award in 2014.

Miss Arwa Ammari

Moreover, Arwa was named Ambassadors of Arab Fashion Council
(a non for profit organization including 22 Arab countries and aiming to promote the fashion industry in the region).
In January 2020, Arwa was named by BBC one of the “most creative minds on the planet, putting Saudi elegance on the fashion map”.


“Follow our journeys with some of the most creative minds on the planet
BBC World

Arwa holds an MBA that shaped her entrepreneurial enthusiasm.
She is a public speaker who has talked in multiple regional and
International events on topics mainly focusing on fashion, innovation, women empowerment, inclusivity, sustainability and more.

Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks (2020) – New York Fashion Week

Modest Fashion Talk ( 2018) – New York Fashion Week
Arwa has a vision of communicating the Saudi culture , art and heritage through fashion as fashion and art universal languages that can be spoken and understood by everyone.
She incorporates heritage with modernism reflecting on the vision of the New Saudi Arabia.
She has introduced the Saudi Tuxedo, a tuxedo inspired by the royal Bisht that is worn by kings, royalty, and Saudi men for important gatherings, meetings and weddings.
This Saudi Tuxedo symbolizes the authenticity incorporated with modernism to promote our heritage to the whole world.